Our Philosophy

Key Elements of Our Project Design Approach

Collaborate Design Approach/User Group Consultations and Participation

  • Strong, stakeholder development
  • Extensive communication
  • Highly interactive approach

Balanced Solutions

  • "Right-sizing" facility solutions to Client needs

Project Management Approach

  • Informed process through communication and documentation
  • Sign-offs during design development stage

Design Development Framework

  • Considers functional programming, site planning and technical building requirements in equal measures on an all-inclusive design process.
  • Utilizes value/cost analysis as a design task.
  • Provide continuous coordinated interdisciplinary input and participation in all stages of the design and construction process.

Design Development Process

  • Establish and execute a highly participatory design team framework with the client, where our skills and expertise as architectural and engineering consultants are combined with the client and user groups to effect a creative and functional design.
  • Actively involve the client in the decision-making process to enhance the expeditious delivery of our design service.
  • Manage and coordinate into physical form, the planning, and building requirements.
  • Through communication and critical review with the client, provide appropriate design solutions that are generated through the interactive communication framework.
  • Provide functionality/program/requirements/analysis beginning first with critical analysis of the proposed facilities program to establish space sizing, perceived design, and operations, and second, "balancing" the program, spatial needs, and functional layouts to form the basis for the design layouts.
  • Provide detailed building design that is technically sound with an appropriate selection of construction materials and systems, while considering capital costs and life cycle costing implications. Energy efficiency and sustainable environmental issues must be reviewed and addressed.

Holistic Design/Whole Vision Approach

The objective of our design group is to design with a "holistic and environmental approach" that can make a difference in energy management.

Our Design Team will undertake modeling/design review early-on to look at Green Building Technology, the cornerstone which includes:

  • Sustainable development in terms of building design and operation energy management.
  • Building durability.
  • Energy conservation; and
  • Occupant health.